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The Ford F-150 is one of the most popular pickup trucks in America. It was redesigned for the 1997 model year, featuring a new aerodynamic air suspension system. It was also introduced with a 5.4-liter Triton V8 engine. It was one of the top-selling trucks in America for 21 years. The Ford F-150 comes in various trim levels, including STX, XLT, and FX4.

Redesigned for the 1997 model year with an aerodynamic air suspension

The air suspension system was first introduced on the 1993 Range Rover Classic. It was developed by Dunlop Systems and Components Ltd. in Coventry, UK. The air suspension system was designed to allow step-by-step spring control. It also allowed for a more comfortable ride when the engine is off.

98 Ford F150

98 Ford F150

List Price Estimate: $2,287 – $3,898

Introduced with 5.4-liter Triton V8 engine

98 Ford F150 Ford’s 5.4-liter Triton V8 has a displacement of 330 cubic inches and is produced by Ford at its Windsor Engine Plant. It has a coil-on-plug ignition system and sequential multi-port injection. It is designed to run on gasoline with a minimum octane rating of 87.

98 Ford F150

The Ford 5.4-liter Triton V8 is a solid all-around engine that’s used in many Ford vehicles. The engine is renowned for its high performance but it’s also known for its reliability and low maintenance requirements. This engine can last for 200,000 miles with proper maintenance.

98 Ford F150

Despite these flaws, the engine is still highly reliable. Though there have been reports of gasket failures, the 5.4L engine has been praised by owners. However, some of its components have failed prematurely, such as the valve-crankshaft-cam-phasor assembly.

The 5.4-liter Triton V8 is one of the most powerful engines in the Ford F-150. It produces 235 horsepower and 330 lb-ft of torque. It is coupled with a four-speed automatic transmission. Many 98 Ford F150 enthusiasts swear by this gas engine.

98 Ford F150

The 5.4-liter Triton V8 has a coil-on-plug design and was first introduced in the 1998 Ford F150. It is a relatively easy and inexpensive engine replacement. It’s easy to replace the fuel pump driver module yourself. It’s relatively easy to do and should only cost between $60-100.

98 Ford F150

#98 Ford F150 – Best-selling truck in America for 21 years

For the past 21 years 98 Ford F150, the Ford F-Series pickup truck has been the best-selling truck in America. This trend is expected to continue into 2022 as the company introduces new models and increases its market share. The current lineup of Ford F-150s includes off-road-ready Raptor, efficient Hybrid models and an all-electric Lightning. The second-best-selling truck in America is the Ram 1500. The model only received a few changes this year, including a new variant called 1500 BackCountry.

98 Ford F150

The Ford F-Series continues to be the best-selling truck in the United States. The company sold over 900,000 F-150 pickup trucks in 2018, increasing its sales figure by one percent. It has also been America’s best-selling truck for nine years in a row.

While the Toyota Camry is the best-selling passenger vehicle, it has not been able to match the success of the Silverado. In 2021, the Camry increased its sales by 7 percent, beating all other non-truck SUVs. Meanwhile, Chevrolet’s Silverado experienced poor sales this year. Its light-duty model fell 13 percent while its HD model dropped eight percent.

98 Ford F150 Despite its popularity in the United States, the Chevrolet Silverado may soon be overtaken by the Ram 1500. Due to a shortage of chips, the Silverado is likely to lose its second-place spot to the Ram, but in the first three quarters of 2021, it sold nearly four hundred thousand full-size pickup trucks.

#98 Ford F150 – Available in STX and FX4 trim levels

The STX Appearance Package is a collection of exterior design elements and interior enhancements. Although not a trim level, it can be added to any existing trim level to boost its features. This package first appeared in the 98 Ford F150 lineup in 2019 but is also available for the 2020 model.

The STX Appearance Package adds a body-colored grille and bumpers, halogen headlamps, privacy glass, and 20-inch machined aluminum wheels. Other STX options include special upholstery and upgraded wheels. The base price of the STX is $28,760, while the XLT is $30,330.

The STX Appearance Package comes with a lowered suspension, which increases traction and handling. A tow hook is included as standard equipment. A lockable rear differential is also included. Adding this option to a F-150 can cost as much as $40,000.

The STX Appearance Package gives your F-150 truck a sleek appearance that sets it apart from the competition. It also adds advanced entertainment tech, such as a 4.2-inch touchscreen. It’s available in four-wheel-drive, Super Cab, and Extended Cab trim levels.

A 98 Ford F150 STX Appearance Package adds a sportier, more aggressive look to your truck. The STX Appearance Package adds an aerodynamic stance that can increase your truck’s value. It can also increase the fuel economy.


Prices for 98 Ford F150 models vary by region. Prices are subject to change without notice. Dealers are not required to honor advertised prices. Ford reserves the right to make changes to its website or product offerings. The price of your order may increase or decrease based on availability or other factors.

Ford sells parts through a core program, where you return your old vehicle in exchange for a rebuilt or new part. In some cases, you may be required to pay a core fee, which is similar to the deposit paid for a returnable bottle or can. The core charge is designed to encourage people to return their used part when they replace their old one with a new one. The FORD company will refund this charge after a new part is installed in your vehicle. However, labor costs are not refundable.

#Symptoms of a coolant leak

The first sign of a coolant leak is a sweet, oily odor coming from the vents. This is the smell of the coolant leaking from your radiator. To identify a leak, loosen the radiator cap and check the water-pump bearings and fan blades. Then, look for frothy bubbles on the radiator’s surface.

Leaking coolant can lead to an overheated engine. A small leak in your coolant system can cause this problem, but a major one can result in severe damage to the engine. A coolant leak in a 98 Ford F150 can lead to the engine being overheated and causing other problems. Regardless of the size of the leak, it’s important to wear gloves and safety glasses when working with coolant.

A leaking coolant bottle in a 98 Ford F150 can cause the engine to overheat. One of the most common causes is a cracked front coolant passage. A crack in this area of the intake manifold will cause the engine to overheat, which in turn may lead to engine damage.

Other symptoms of a coolant leak in a 98 Ford F150 include white or blue exhaust smoke. While this is not an immediate sign of an engine failure, it is a clear indication that the coolant level has dropped. This can be the result of a cracked or damaged cooling fan. In either case, it’s imperative to address the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, the engine could overheat and damage other metal components.

10 trims

Starting msrp listed lowest to highest price

  • XL
  • Lariat
  • XLT
  • XL SuperCabBase


  • XL Flareside$16,875
  • SuperCab$17,140
  • XL SuperCab Flareside$19,140
  • XLT Flareside$19,475
  • XLT SuperCab$21,520

Wondering which trim is right for you?

Our 1998 Ford F-150 trim comparison will help you decide.

1998 Ford F-150 review: Our expert’s take


Many New Yorkers snicker at the lack of urbanity present in their fellow countrymen. To them anything outside of metro New York City is one vast farm field filled polyester-clad clods who aren’t smart enough to live in New York.

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A message to these clueless car buyers: This truck has been the best-selling truck in America for two decades and the best-selling vehicle in the world for 15 years. And few iterations are better than the latest edition.

Redesigned for the 1997 model year with an aerodynamic air, this strong-shouldered truck has a sophisticated yet modern look. The doors bow inward, sweeping out at the bottom, and, while the front end isn’t as aggressive as the Dodge Ram, it gains points for a more refined look.