1987 Ford F-150 Specs, Price, MPG & Reviews

The 1987 Ford F-150 Fordf150trucks.Com was a mid-sized pick-up truck with a V-8 engine and a 4.9-liter gas engine. It came with rear-wheel drive as standard and part-time four-wheel drive as an option. Its transmission options were a five-speed manual and two automatics.


If you’re looking for a truck with good reliability, then the 1987 Ford F150 might be the one for you. This truck is designed to be able to haul large loads and navigate a wide variety of terrains. However, you can expect that this truck will have some issues from time to time.

Some of the problems with the 1987 Ford F150 include its transmission. Many of these problems are related to the 5-liter engine. While the Ford F150 may be one of the most reliable trucks ever built, some parts are known to cause a truck to break down. This is because of a failure of a component of the engine. This component is linked to the problems that Ford drivers have been experiencing for decades.

1987 Ford F-150

1987 Ford F-150

The F150’s reliability was a major concern for many owners. Many models had poor reliability, and there were many complaints. Even though the car was manufactured for low prices, it lost value as time passed. Fortunately, the 1987 Ford F150 received several updates. The most notable changes were the addition of a fuel-injected engine, new aerodynamic styling, and anti-lock brakes. The base 300-cubic-inch six-cylinder engine received fuel injection and was rated at 145 horsepower. A 5.0-liter V-8 was also available.

1987 Ford F-150

The 1987 Ford F150 came in several trim packages, including XL (base model), XLT (extendible cab supercab), and Custom. Some of these trims added more amenities such as dual fuel tanks, an electrically operated transfer pump, heavier spring rates, and stiffer shocks. The F150 was also available in 2-door cab and extended-cab supercab body styles.

Although the 1987 Ford F150 is still relatively reliable, problems do occur with the transmission. The largest recall was issued for this vehicle in 2017 because of a faulty transmission gear indicator. Many owners also experience problems with the MyFord Touch smart technology feature. This feature is supposed to improve technological options in the console, but has proven unreliable in several cases.

1987 Ford F-150


The 1987 Ford F-150 was the eighth-generation model of the truck. Compared to previous generations, it featured a more modern drivetrain and new sheet metal. However, the basic architecture of the truck remained the same. This was a problem for off-road purists, who complained that the truck wasn’t durable enough.

1987 Ford F-150

The 1987 Ford F-150 was the first truck to offer fuel-injection and standard antilock brakes. In addition, the new truck offered a 5.0 Windsor V-8 and 4.9 liter straight-six engines. It also had a sleeker appearance and came in different trim levels, including XLT and Lariat. It was also available in a range of cab configurations, including a supercab and a 2-door cab.

The 1987 Ford F150 features Dana axles as part of its Twin Traction Beam suspension system. These axles are durable and make the truck an excellent log skidder. Two-wheel drive is standard, and four-wheel drive is available. The 2WD model still ships with a Dana rear axle.

1987 Ford F-150

Although the 1987 Ford F150 has some issues with its longevity, it’s a strong truck that will last for at least 17 years when driven on the highway. Its engine and transmission are designed to handle rough terrain and severe weather, and it can survive for nearly 200,000 miles if properly maintained. It also offers a five-year powertrain warranty and bumper-to-bumper warranty.

#1987 Ford F-150 – Trim packages

The 1987 Ford F150 comes in a number of trim packages, each with its own set of interior amenities and exterior accessories. This solid pickup truck can be a great daily driver or light-duty tool. It is not, however, a suitable vehicle for hauling heavy loads. Instead, it is best suited for light-duty work around the property.

1987 Ford F-150

In the mid-year refresh, Ford added some nice upgrades to the F-150, including a flat grille and flush headlamps. They also added rear anti-lock brakes and power steering. The base model also received an electrically activated transfer pump, heavy-duty sway bars, a larger radiator, stiffer shocks, and a trailer/camping package.

The 1987 Ford F-150 came with two body styles, regular and supercab models. The F-150 and F-250 were available with styleside beds. However, the F-150 retained Flaresides for a few years until 1992 when it was discontinued. In terms of trim packages, buyers had three options: the base Custom, mid-level XL, and top-of-the-line XLT Lariat. The Platinum trim level added a special grille, 20-inch chrome wheels, and premium leather upholstery.

1987 Ford F-150

#1987 Ford F-150 – 1987 ford f150 specs

As a result, Ford introduced a new version of the F-150 for the 1993 model year. It was available in both the short-box and regular cab models, and featured a new, beefier V-8 engine. It produced 240 horsepower and 340 lb-ft of torque. The truck’s four-speed automatic transmission was another upgrade.

1987 Ford F-150

The Limited is one of the most luxurious Ford F-150 trims. It has nearly everything you could want and more. You can even get it in a SuperCrew cab. It also comes with a moonroof and a twin-panel sunroof. In addition to the standard features, the F-150 Limited also comes with a 3.5-liter EcoBoost(r) V6 engine. This engine is paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission and delivers 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft of torque.


The 1987 Ford F150 engine was one of the first in the Ford line to use fuel injection. The 4.9-liter inline-6 was converted to fuel injection for the 1987 model year, and the 5.8 and 7.5-liter V8s were fitted with fuel injection as well. In 1988, Ford installed a larger diesel V8 with four44 cubic inches (6.3 to 7.3 L). The diesel V8 increased torque to 180 hp and 180 lb-ft.

The 1987 Ford F150 was produced from 1987 through 1991. The vehicle was offered with a variety of engines, including a 4.9-liter inline-6, a 7.5-liter/460-cubic-inch V8, a 4-speed manual transmission, and a 6.9-liter IDI diesel engine. In mint condition, a 1987 Ford F150 is a good buy.

The engine was also similar to the previous generation. The F150 was fitted with rear antilock brakes and an aerodynamic cab. The truck was equipped with two shocks on each side of the rear and one on the front. Its front suspension was redesigned to be more comfortable and safer.

#1987 Ford F-150 – 1987 ford f150 engine

The 1987 F150 was also fitted with a more powerful 3.51-liter engine. It produced 210 horsepower and 305 lb-ft of torque. The 1987 Ford F150 engine included standard fuel injection. There were also transmission options including a 3 or 4-speed automatic. The 1987 Ford F150 was also equipped with 4-wheel drive. It also featured automatic locking hubs.

The 1987 Ford F150 engine was built to last and is covered by a factory warranty. The five-year warranty covers vehicles delivered after May 1, 2003. Prior to that, the warranty was three years. If the vehicle is under warranty, the manufacturer will often pro-rata help the buyer with repair costs.

The 1987 Ford F-Series was a light to medium-duty commercial truck and a pickup truck. The 1988 model was a redesign of the previous model, with a streamlined design and new aerodynamics. The 1987 F-150 also introduced new flush-fitting headlights and a new front end. Inside, it was restyled with a softer interior and bigger gauges.