1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab

1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab

1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab is a well-received truck, with many buyers preferring its large and spacious interior. Its body style offers plenty of room for passengers, and its Engine lineup offers a wide range of performance. The truck is also backed by a powerful transmission system, making it a reliable option for anyone. The interior features include an ample amount of storage space, as well as an attractive design that will appeal to many consumers. The truck’s powertrain has been updated and improved for improved fuel efficiency, and its safety features are among the best on the market.

1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab Specs

The 1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab specs include a variety of features. There were several engines to choose from, including a base engine that offered 145 horsepower, a 5.0-liter V8 with 205 hp, or a 7.3-liter turbo-diesel V8 with 250 lb-ft of torque.

The Ford F150 was available in two-door or four-door cabs. It also featured a variety of different bed styles. Regular cab models could seat three adults. Its rear doors gave access to behind-the-seat storage.

The F150 also included a variety of features that made driving comfortable. These included an ovoid-shaped instrument cluster, a split-folding bench, and a 60/40 split-folding rear bench. Its interior also featured a center armrest and a wide armrest. The seating was made to fit the driver and passenger comfortably.

The 1996 Ford F150’s standard drivetrain was two-wheel drive. In addition, it was possible to purchase an optional four-wheel drive system.

The base Ford F150 was equipped with a 3.3-liter base engine. It was electronically fuel-injected, allowing it to produce 205 horsepower. The base model was offered in two-door or four-door a cab. It was also offered in short (6.5) and long (7.5) cabs.

The XLT trim level added chrome grille, deep-dish aluminum wheels, carpeted map pockets, and an AM/FM stereo with digital clock. It also included a black rub strip and a cloth bench seat.

The SVT Lightning version of the F150 offered a 240-horsepower 5.8-liter V8. It also had lowered sport suspension and a specialized rear gear ratio. Its exterior was restyled for 1997. Its bumper was also restyled, featuring rounded edges and a pair of fog lamps.

Engine lineup

The engine lineup for the 1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab was fairly limited. A 4.9 liter inline six was the base engine for the F-150. This cylinder produced 145 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. It was paired with a four-speed manual or a four-speed automatic.

An optional 5.8 liter V8 with a 200-horsepower rating was also available. The engines were designed for heavy duty loads. It was the last year for the inline six.

Other options for the 1996 F-150 included an Eddie Bauer trim. This was a special package that was only offered on select models. It featured a black paint job and a special stripe. Other features of the Eddie Bauer edition included a remote keyless entry and alarm system.

The Lightning model was a sporty version of the F-150. It was available in two-door, two-door crew cab, and four-door SuperCab. It featured a 240-horsepower 5.8 liter V8 and 17-inch alloy wheels. It also featured a lowered sport suspension and a specialized steering set up for handling.

The Nite Edition package was a special package for the Ford F-150 that was available from 1990 through 1991. It had a black paint job, black side mirrors, a black grille, and a black tailgate. It also included a horn, a high-mount brake light, a center high mount stop lamp, and a visor. The Nite package was replaced by the SVT Lightning package in 1993.

In 2004, the F-150 received a new platform. Four-door versions of all F-150 models became available, and all models received a four-wheel drive option. The four-wheel drive activates power to all four wheels when the driver is off the road.

Body style

The 1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab was a popular full-size pickup truck that was manufactured by Ford from 1980 through 2006. As part of the tenth generation of F-Series, it was redesigned with a more aerodynamic body. It also received an updated dashboard and grille.

The F-150 was available in both regular and extended cab body styles. The regular cab came with a 6.5-foot bed, while the SuperCab (also known as the SuperCab) came with a longer 8-foot bed. The SuperCab was also available with a bench seat in the rear.

The 1996 Ford F-150 XLT trim level had few changes. It featured an enlarged glove compartment and a new instrument panel. It also came with an electrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochrochromic inside rear view mirror. It also had an optional sliding rear window. The interior of the XLT model featured carpeted map pockets.

The SVT Lightning came with air conditioning. It also included a lower front air dam with integrated fog lamps. Its seats were six-way adjustable, and it was equipped with lumbar controls and remote keyless entry.

It also had an alarm system and an intrusion alarm. It was also equipped with a 240-horsepower 5.8-liter V-8. It had a sport-tuned suspension, which was built with handling in mind. It had 17-inch wheels and tires.

The F-250 was also offered in a single cab body style. It used a lighter Dana 44 Twin Traction Beam. The truck also had a standard driver’s side airbag.

The truck also featured a high-mount third brake stop lamp. The truck was also equipped with skid plates underneath. It was powered by a CFC-free r-134 refrigerant.

1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab Interior

The interior of a 1996 Ford F150 is an exciting place to spend a day or two. It has some of the latest technologies, but also retains a classic truck look. Several models were available, including the Super Cab, extended cab and XL. Depending on the model, the interior will feature features such as air conditioning, cruise control and a tilt steering column.

The 1996 Ford F150 featured the first aerodynamic headlights in an F-150. The F-150 is now equipped with a new tailgate and grille. These upgrades allow the F-150 to offer more efficiency and power.

The base engine of the 1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab was a 4.9-liter inline six-cylinder. The base engine was designed for heavy-duty loads and was able to produce 145 horsepower. However, the optional 7.3-liter turbocharged diesel was also offered.

The Preferred Equipment Package includes a tilt steering column, electric mirrors and a AM/FM stereo. Several models were fitted with air conditioning and ABS brakes.

The Eddie Bauer trim was a luxury pickup option. The F-150 offered a number of upgrades, including a new seat design with integrated headrests. This was a gimmick that was eventually dropped from the F-150 lineup.

The Preferred Equipment Package comes with an AM/FM stereo, electric mirrors and cruise control. This is a great value and will make driving the Ford F-150 more fun.

The 1996 F-150 has a spacious and comfortable cab. It can hold three adults in comfort. This particular cab is in excellent shape with no accidents in the past. It has a clean title and a Carfax report.

The original A/C controls are still in the dash. The cab has a large rear window that gives the truck a fishbowl-like appearance.

1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab Exterior

The Ford F150 is the original full-size pickup truck. In 1996, sales of this model surpassed 800,000 units. It also topped the combined sales of Chevrolet and GMC trucks.

The Ford F150 has a reputation for reliability and practicality. It also offers a dependable V-8 engine and a roomy interior. Whether you are looking for a new truck or a collector’s item, this Ford has the features you need.

A rounded front end improves aerodynamics. The body also has a lower hood line. The Ford F150 was one of the first trucks to offer aerodynamic headlights. The headlights were made from an impact-resistant housing. They also come with replaceable halogen bulbs.

The interior has color-keyed floor mats. In addition, Ford includes a cargo box light. The instrument panel features an enlarged glove compartment. The driver’s side airbag is standard. The XLT trim level comes with an AM/FM stereo with a digital clock. The XLT also comes with carpeted map pockets.

In addition to power windows and doors, the SVT Lightning package includes air conditioning. Its interior also has lumbar controls, an intrusion alarm, and remote keyless entry. The SVT also comes with a high-mount brake light. The front bumper is color-matched and contains a lower air dam with integrated fog lamps.

Until 2003, the 1996 Ford F150 Extended Cab wore the same underpinnings as the earlier models. A new dash, a three-bar grille, and new HVAC controls were added. In addition, the engine was upgraded to a 3.5-liter EcoBoost V-6. The cab was also slightly larger and the fenders were repositioned to fit the width of the cab.