Uhaul Car Trailer Size Trailer Considerations


uhaul car trailer size
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Uhaul Car Trailer Size is a great way to move vehicles from one place to another. Whether you are moving your car or just need to transport it for a long distance, UHaul has the perfect size trailer to meet your needs. But how do you know which size trailer is right for you? In this article, we will discuss UHaul car trailer size, what factors you should consider when choosing a trailer, and the different types of trailers available.

Uhaul Car Trailer Size

UHaul offers a variety of car trailers for rent, including open and enclosed trailers. Open trailers come in three different sizes: 4×7, 5×8, and 6×12. The 4×7 trailer is perfect for small cars, sedans, and minivans, while the 5×8 trailer is better for SUVs, pickup trucks, and full-size sedans. The 6×12 trailer is the largest trailer available and is ideal for large vehicles such as pickups, vans, and full-size SUVs. Each trailer features adjustable wheel ramps and a two-inch ball hitch.

Factors to Consider

When choosing a UHaul car trailer size, there are several factors to consider. First, you need to assess the size of your vehicle and decide which size trailer is the right fit. If your vehicle is a small car or sedan, then a 4×7 trailer will be sufficient. However, if you have an SUV or pickup truck, then you should opt for the 5×8 or 6×12 trailer. You should also consider the weight of your vehicle and make sure the trailer you choose is rated to carry it. Finally, you should also think about the distance you will be traveling and make sure the trailer is up to the task.

Types of Uhaul Car Trailer Size

In addition to open trailers, UHaul also offers enclosed trailers for rent. These trailers are the perfect solution for transporting valuable items or vehicles. Enclosed trailers come in two different sizes: 5×9 and 6×12. The 5×9 trailer is ideal for smaller cars and sedans, while the 6×12 trailer is better for larger vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks. Enclosed trailers feature a two-inch ball hitch, adjustable wheel ramps, and a locking latch for added security.

Trailer Accessories

UHaul also offers a variety of accessories to make your car trailer rental experience even easier. You can rent a tow dolly, which is perfect for towing two-wheel drive vehicles, or a car carrier, which is ideal for towing four-wheel drive vehicles. UHaul also offers ratchet straps and tie-down kits to help secure your vehicle during transport. Finally, you can rent a trailer hitch lock to give you peace of mind when leaving your trailer unattended.


Uhaul Car Trailer Size is a great way to move cars from one place to another. With a variety of sizes and types of trailers available, you can easily find the perfect one for your needs. When choosing a trailer, make sure to consider the size and weight of your vehicle, the distance you will be traveling, and the accessories you may need.