Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself
Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself

Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself

Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself has its own pros and cons. If you want to lower your Ford F150 yourself, you have several options. Depending on the level of drop you want, your budget, and your mechanical abilities, you can try a variety of methods to lower your truck. Lowering your truck yourself will cost you much less than hiring someone to do it for you.

RideTech Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself

The RideTech lowering kit for Ford F150 lowers the truck by 3 to 5.5 inches, giving it a more aggressive stance and improved handling. The kit also improves ride quality and comfort. It is 100% bolt-on, and is made in the United States. The kit comes with everything you need to install it, including the springs and the lowering mechanism.

Maxtrac Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself

Adding MaxTrac lowering springs to your Ford F150 will not only make your vehicle look sportier, but will also improve the handling and stance of your truck. You can choose from a variety of different kits to suit your style and budget. These kits can also be installed by yourself, providing you are confident in your ability to complete the job.

The MaxTrac flip kit uses the factory leaf springs, which is advantageous because installing new springs could compromise the ride quality. The kit includes 2″ lowering springs and hangers to lower your truck to a four-inch drop. The front of the truck retains its stock struts, and the rear uses MaxTrac shocks. Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself is easy with this kits.

Belltech lowering shackles

Lowering shackles from Belltech are a great way to improve your truck’s look and performance. The company offers several different models. For example, a 5″ front kit will lower your truck about one inch. A 5.5″ rear kit will lower your truck about three inches. The lowering shackles will also help you improve your truck’s handling. The Belltech lowering kits feature adjustable Street Performance Shocks that improve ride quality.

Shackle kits from Belltech are made from heavy gauge, die-stamped P&O steel and feature OEM quality silent bloc bushings. Unlike polyurethane shackles, these kits are maintenance-free and are durable. Hanger kits are also available and are also a great way to lower your vehicle. The hanger kits also feature durable powder-coating and high-quality hardware.

Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself with Belltech are easy to install. They come with everything you need to install them properly. The installation process takes about three hours. The Belltech Stage 3 lowering kit is compatible with 2009-2013 2WD F-150s, including the SuperCab and SuperCrew.

The Belltech Lowering Kits from Belltech are designed for each vehicle model. This eliminates the guesswork and makes it easy to find the right parts for your car. They include all of the hardware and shock absorbers needed for proper installation. You’ll also get a set of high-performance shocks that will help you lower your truck without affecting its handling.

Belltech rear flip kit

A Belltech rear flip kit for Ford F150s allows you to lower the rear of your truck and give it a much better ride. These kits are designed to lower the truck one to six inches. These kits are also powder coated and include new shackles with bushings to help cancel out any noise and allow you for Lowering Your Ford F150 Yourself. Additionally, they come with two axle saddles and two 9/16″ U-bolts.