Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step

Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step

Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step allows you to easily reach the rear of the bed without stepping off the truck. The step is adjustable and retractable, and you can also use it on a regular tailgate, as well. The retractable center-mounted bed step mounts under the rear bumper, which means it won’t get caught on rocks while off-roading. It’s made of aluminum and can support 350 pounds.

Ram also offers retractable steps, which can be used in conjunction with the multifunctional tailgate. The retractable tailgate step is made of high-strength aluminum and has a load rating of 350 pounds. It is available in black powder-coat, and can be factory mounted on the back bumper.

Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step

Mopar offers a center-mounted bed step. It is a great addition to the MultiFunction tailgate. It provides easy access to the bed, and makes loading cargo much easier. This bed step is also designed to work with the 60/40 split swing-away doors. This step is easy to operate and supports 350 pounds.

Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step allows you to easily enter the bed of your truck. The step provides a footstep and a grab bar that make it easier for you to reach the rear of the truck. It’s a convenient, integrated feature that can help you load and unload a variety of items, and it’s compatible with several models.

The step pops out of its molding when you press the center button, and you can easily pull it all the way out. It comes with a yellow handle stop that extends from the tailgate and locks into place when you hear a click. However, you should not tow with the step installed. It’s also essential to replace the grab handle molding and slip resistance tape if they become damaged or worn.

You can also buy a kit that comes with new bolts. It’s important to make sure that you purchase the right bolts for your truck. The new bolts should have a 15mm head. You can use a socket or ratchet wrench to remove the old bolts. Once you’ve removed the old bolts, you can install the new ones.

The Ford F-150 already has a handle step and tailgate step, but a patent filed by Ford suggests that it may be adding another step to its tailgate. This step can fold out of the bumper step to enable access to taller bedsides.

Studebaker’s retractable tailgate step

Another feature is the MultiFunction tailgate, which opens like a normal tailgate but features a split gate that can open and close like a conventional tailgate. This split is more convenient than the 50/50 split found on many trucks. In addition, the Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step deploys with a simple push of a foot.

A retractable tailgate step is an option available for the Ford F150. GM filed for a patent for this design, which reveals a different approach to the tailgate step assembly: a retractable handle, which extends and retracts as the steps are installed. This approach to the tailgate step has several advantages over other solutions.

The tailgate step consists of two sections: an upper step that extends from the tailgate to the interior of the truck and a lower step that retracts into the tailgate. The lower section, shown in FIGS. 1-4, becomes a lower step when the tailgate is lowered.

To install a retractable tailgate step, first identify your vehicle model, year, and model. It’s also helpful to consult the owner’s manual to make sure that your tailgate step fits your truck’s needs. Next, gather the necessary tools for the job. You’ll need open-end wrenches, Allen bits, and torque wrenches. Also, you’ll need a breaker bar to loosen any tighter bolts on your truck’s underside.

Another benefit of a retractable Ford F150 MultiFunction Tailgate Step is that it doubles as a grab bar, which helps keep your balance while stepping into the truck’s bed. These steps also stow away in the tailgate, making them only visible when needed. If you’re not using them, you can place them in a convenient clamp pocket to store materials or other items.