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The Ford Bronco was first introduced in 1966 as a rugged off-road vehicle. It quickly gained popularity among outdoor enthusiasts and was used for everything from hunting to camping to rock crawling. The Bronco was produced in several different models from 1966 to 1977, with each model having its unique features and capabilities. If you’re looking for a classic Ford Bronco, you can find many models for sale from the 1966 to 1977 era.

The Early Years: 1966-1972

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The first-generation Ford Bronco was introduced in 1966 and remained in production until 1972. This model was available in three different body styles: a wagon, a pickup truck, and a roadster. The wagon was the most popular model and came equipped with four-wheel drive, a 170-cubic inch six-cylinder engine, and a three-speed manual transmission.

The 1966 Bronco was also available with a 289-cubic inch V8 engine, but it was only available in the pickup truck and roadster models. The V8 engine produced 200 horsepower and was a popular option for those who wanted more power.

The first-generation Bronco was known for its durability and off-road capabilities. It featured a short wheelbase, making it easy to maneuver on tight trails. The Bronco also had a high ground clearance, which allowed it to navigate over rocks and other obstacles with ease.

The Mid-Generation: 1973-1977

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In 1973, Ford introduced the second generation of the Bronco. This model was produced until 1977 and was available in three different body styles: a wagon, a pickup truck, and a convertible. The second-generation Bronco was larger than its predecessor and featured a longer wheelbase and wider track. This made it more stable on the road and provided more interior space.

The second-generation Bronco was also available with several different engine options. The base engine was a 200-cubic inch six-cylinder engine that produced 105 horsepower. The most popular engine option was a 302-cubic inch V8 that produced 140 horsepower.

The Bronco was designed to be a versatile vehicle that could be used for both on-road and off-road driving. It came equipped with a four-wheel-drive system that allowed it to navigate through mud, snow, and other rough terrain. The Bronco also had a solid front axle, which provided more stability and control off-road.

Where to Find a Classic Ford Bronco

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If you’re interested in purchasing a classic Ford Bronco from the 1966 to 1977 era, there are several places where you can find them for sale. One of the best places to start your search is online. There are many websites that specialize in classic cars and trucks, and you can often find a wide selection of Broncos for sale.

You can also check with local car dealerships and auto auctions. Many dealerships have classic car departments, and they may have a Bronco for sale. Auto auctions are another great place to find classic cars and trucks. You can often find a good deal on a Bronco at an auction.


The Ford Bronco is a classic vehicle that has gained a cult following over the years. If you’re in the market for a classic Bronco from the 1966 to 1977 era, there are many options available. With its rugged off-road capabilities and durable construction, the Bronco is an excellent choice for those who love adventure and the outdoors.

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