classic fire truck for sale

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Classic fire trucks are not only beautiful to look at but also a piece of history. These vintage machines are a symbol of an era before modern firefighting technology. If you’re a collector or a firefighter enthusiast, finding a classic fire truck for sale is a dream come true. In this article, we will show you where you can find classic fire trucks for sale.

Online Auctions

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One of the most popular ways to find classic fire trucks for sale is through online auctions. Websites like eBay and Craigslist offer a wide selection of antique fire trucks for sale. You can also find auctions specific to vintage vehicles, where classic fire trucks are often included. However, be aware that you may have to travel to pick up the truck, and there may be additional fees for shipping and handling.

Classic Car Shows

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Classic car shows are another great place to find classic fire trucks for sale. These events are usually held annually and attract car enthusiasts from all over the country. You can find classic fire trucks for sale at these shows, and you can also connect with other collectors to find out where to look for more antique vehicles.

Fire Truck Dealerships

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If you’re looking for a more specialized option, fire truck dealerships are a great place to find classic fire trucks for sale. These dealerships specialize in selling vintage fire trucks, and they often have a wide selection to choose from. You can also contact them to help you find a specific model or make of fire truck.

Online Classifieds

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Online classifieds are another popular option for finding classic fire trucks for sale. Websites like Hemmings and Classic Cars offer a variety of antique vehicles for sale, including classic fire trucks. You can search for vehicles by make, model, and location to find the perfect vintage fire truck for your collection.

Fire Departments

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Finally, you can also reach out to local fire departments to find classic fire trucks for sale. Many fire departments keep older vehicles in storage, and they may be willing to sell them to collectors or enthusiasts. You can also ask them to keep you in mind if they come across any classic fire trucks for sale in the future.


There are many ways to find classic fire trucks for sale, whether you’re looking for a specific model or just want to add a piece of history to your collection. From online auctions to fire truck dealerships, there are plenty of options to choose from. Keep in mind that vintage fire trucks may require additional maintenance and care, but they are worth the effort for their beauty and historical significance. Happy hunting!