4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150

4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150

4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150 can improve your truck appearance. If you have a Ford F-150 and are looking to add a bit more height to your vehicle, you might want to consider getting a 4 inch lift kit. This is one of the most popular lift kits available for the F-150 and it will certainly make your car look even better. Plus, you can add some extra clearance to your vehicle if you need to go on an off-road trip or to rough terrain.

BDS 1583H 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150

If you are interested in a premium lift kit that will give you the best bang for your buck, consider the BDS 1583H. This 4 inch lift system is made in the USA and features the best materials and components. It includes one-piece laser cut 1/4″ steel cross members, a heavy duty differential skid plate, and a billet aluminum driveshaft spacer. The system also features a 3″ offset pin block kit and rear FOX 2.0 Performance Series gas shocks. The most important component of this system is the patented BDS sway bar relocation bracket.

For the discerning buyer, BDS offers an impressive line of upscale with 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150. The company also manufactures a slew of aftermarket 4×4 parts. You can count on a lifetime warranty on any BDS lift or suspension part. The company’s offerings are competitively priced and feature the sexiest looking packaging in the industry. The company is also known for its high-tech and high-quality suspension and leveling kits.

If you are searching for the highest-end, most complete, and most reliable aftermarket Ford F150 lift, consider the BDS 1583H. With a BDS 4 inch lift, you will be able to raise your Ford from a stock 6′ to a staggering 8’6″. You can even add a pair of 35″ tires, if that’s your thing. This kit will give you the oomph factor you’ve been looking for and the on-road handling you’ve always dreamed of. With a lift kit from BDS, you can take your Ford out on the open road and not worry about the bumps and bruises. The company even provides a 5 year 60,000 mile drivetrain warranty.

Rough Country

Rough Country’s 4″ Suspension Lift for the Ford F-150 is a great way to give your vehicle a more ferocious look. It features durable coil springs, a fabricated rear block, strut spacers, and a laser-cut “RC” logo. This deluxe upgrade is also designed to avoid the usual pitfalls of a lift kit such as axle wrapped axles.

In short, this is a worthy upgrade that should last a long time. The biggest benefit is that it helps the 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150 perform well on the trails, without sacrificing its ride quality. For the uninitiated, the kit can be installed with only a few basic tools. The trick is to choose the correct size for your application. If your vehicle has a factory set height, a set of 33-inch tires may be all that’s required. This kit comes with a limited lifetime replacement warranty to boot.

The 4″ lift kit is accompanied by a pair of premium N3 shocks. These are not only the best looking and most durable on the market, but they also feature the most impressive performance. They boast a 10-stage variable high-pressure nitrogen charged shock. They are also the only shock to feature a leak-proof piston seal, which makes them truly bulletproof. The struts aren’t just made to be better looking, though. They’re also made to be better performing, with faster cooling and a more durable piston rod.

There are other perks that go along with the 4″ lift kit. The fabricated rear blocks provide more strength and longer life than their cast iron counterparts. Another nifty feature is a set of anti-axle wrap rear blocks, which prevent common lift block problems.

Fabricated Rear Blocks

If you are looking to lift your Ford F150 four inches, you should consider a fabricated rear blocks kit. They provide superior strength and durability over cast iron or aluminum. They offer a long lifespan and are tapered to reduce drive shaft angle. Unlike cast blocks, fabricated blocks are not designed to be double stacked, which can loosen the axle U-bolts and cause corrosion.

A Rough Country Lift Block Kit is a heavy duty steel block that provides a 4-inch lift. It’s fabricated with durable lifted knuckles and strut spacers. A sway-bar drop bracket is also included. This kit is backed by a lifetime replacement warranty. It improves weight distribution and increases ground clearance. The block also features a pinion angle to align the driveshaft.

Another option is the Tuff Country P/N 97087 Block Kit. It is a rear lift kit that includes fabricated rear blocks and extended zinc-plated u-bolts. The blocks are designed to be inserted between the factory axle and rear leaf springs. It’s easy to install with the instructions provided. It’s a great option for 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150 owners who want to add more fender clearance and enjoy more ground clearance.

If you are looking to give your Ford F150 a new look, then a 4″ Suspension Lift is the perfect option. It will raise your front end to the same height as your rear, which will create a more aggressive appearance. It requires no strut disassembly and is a great option for stock vehicles.

When you are ready to get a 4 inch lift, consider a fabricated rear blocks kit from ReadyLIFT. They offer OEM style kits for both 2WD and 4WD applications for your Ford F150. Each kit includes two 4″ tall blocks, four E-Coated U-bolts, and cast-in center pins. They are based on the OEM designs and include a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Coilover Suspension Lift Kit for the 2015 and 2017 F150s

Coilover suspension lift kits can raise your Ford F150 for increased offroad capabilities, as well as improve stability. These kits can be installed easily on many vehicles, and allow for larger tires. However, you’ll want to choose a kit that will provide the level of lift you need. There are several different options to choose from, so make sure you consider all of the features.

The Fabtech 4″ & 6″ coilover lift kit is an excellent option for your Ford F150. This kit is made in the United States and offers excellent performance. It also includes high-quality materials. It is one of the best lift kits available.

If you’re looking for the highest lift option, you might consider the Belltech 152501 coilover kit. This kit includes two 60mm body performance dampers. It is adjustable from 5″ to 7″. It is designed to give you quality handling and performance. It also provides you with quality height adjustable replacement springs.

If you want a more aggressive look, you might opt for the ROUGH Country suspension 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150. It is designed for on and off-road use and offers impressive ground clearance. It is also a bolt-on kit that will save you time and money.

Another popular option is the BDS Suspension PE coilover systems. These kits include high-strength crossmembers and differential skid plates. They are based on tried-and-true high-clearance design. They are designed to give you the most ground clearance possible.

You may also want to consider the ICON 2.5 Coilovers. These are part of a modular “stage” system, so you’ll have more options than a Fox kit. They are slightly stiffer than stock, but still offer a good street ride. They are a bit more expensive than Fox kits, though.

Off-road 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150

Zone Offroad Products has announced a new four inch lift kit for Ford F150 that gives it an aggressive look. The kit raises the front of the truck, allowing it to clear 35″ tires without compromising ride quality.

The 4” lift kit comes with all the right components, including a billet aluminum driveshaft spacer. It also features a rear brake line relocation kit and a differential skid plate. The differential skidplate is a clever design that allows for maximum off road protection while keeping the CV axle operating angles to a minimum.

Another notable feature is the shocks. The kit includes Zone’s standard white-body shocks, as well as Zone Hydro Shocks, which offer 10-stage velocity-sensitive valving for increased off-road performance.

The 4 inch lift kit is only one of many new parts arriving daily for the Ford F-150. The Ford Performance Parts leveling kits are designed for use on four-wheel-drive models from the 2015 to the 2019 model year. These kits are sold by Ford dealers for $1,495 before installation, and come with a limited warranty.

The Rough Country four-inch lift kit gives the Ford F-150 an off-road look and feel. The kit includes a beefy rear crossmember and front crossmember, strut spacers, and a beefy drive shaft spacer. The lift kit also includes a lifetime replacement warranty for most parts.

The Zone 6″ lift kit repositions stock lower control arms, maintains proper steering geometry, and enhances off-road performance. The 4 Inch Lift Kit For Ford F150 comes with a variety of high-quality components, including a differential skid plate and a ball joint tool. The combination of these features is a powerful solution for getting the most out of your F-150.