2015 Ford F150 FX

2015 Ford F150 FX is the latest addition to the F-Series lineup. In addition to the standard features you’d expect from a truck, it comes equipped with the Raptor’s Tremor and Terrain management systems. It also boasts improved shocks and Tray-style floor liners. These upgrades, along with the optional rock crawl mode, give it an edge over the competition.

Rock crawl mode

Rock crawl mode is one of eight four-wheel drive features that are available on the Ford F-150. This is the only one of the eight that is only available in a 4×4 model. The others are the mud flaps, Sport mode, and Mud mode.

Aside from the aforementioned mud flaps and Sport mode, you can also get Mud mode, Slippery mode, and Deep Sand mode. All of these feature warning lights that illuminate the instrument cluster.

Rock Crawl mode is the 2015 Ford F150 FX newfound capability to help you move over rocks. In this mode, the vehicle sends power to the better traction wheel. It will automatically adjust the shift points, engage the electronic locking differential, and calibrate the vehicle systems to tackle low-speed obstacles.

Rock Crawl mode also includes a full 360-degree camera system, and it uses the latest in technology. The system also offers evasive steering.

The XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch, and Platinum models all have the option of adding the FX4 Off-Road Package. This package adds skid plates, off-road-tuned shocks, and an electronic locking rear axle.

While the FX4 package isn’t available on the base V6 engine, you can get it on the 2.7-liter EcoBoost engine. The package costs about $1,005. You’ll also need a four-wheel-drive-equipped Ford F-150 to take advantage of the package.

Ford’s new 14th-generation F-150 is slated to hit the dealerships in fall 2020. Expect it to cost slightly more than its predecessors, but it will offer more features, including a new hybrid powertrain.

Tray-style floor liners

A Tray Style Floor Liner is a good way to go when it comes to protecting the interior of your Ford F150. They are custom fit to your particular make and model. These are also a great way to keep dirt and spills from finding their way into the carpet. Some of these are even designed to hold liquids in the event of a spill.

The all-weather floor mat has a lot of high-tech features. They can be cleaned and they are made from a durable thermoplastic elastomer. In fact, they’re so durable, you can go a month or two between a set of these guys being replaced.

It’s no secret that the F-150 gets some serious use. It’s used as a daily driver, a weekend hauler, and a semblance of a workhorse. Luckily, Ford has made sure it has all the necessary components to make it a fun and safe ride. From skid plates to an electronic locking rear differential, Ford has a comprehensive list of goodies to make you feel like a true trucker.

The new 14th generation 2015 Ford F150 FX will make its way onto the showroom floor in late fall of 2020. Along with a more powerful engine, enhanced styling and improved fuel economy, one of the more eye-popping features will be the optional FX4 package. This will include skid plates to protect your front differential, a tray-style floor liner, and a slew of other goodies.

Terrain management system

Ford Terrain Management System is a class-exclusive system that is designed to deliver maximum performance in all types of landscapes. It offers four settings and seven drive modes, which you can choose from based on your driving needs.

The Terrain Management System is available on Ford Explorer, Escape, F-150 and Expedition models. This system is built on a new dual-mode transfer case that integrates all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive systems. In addition, the transfer case has advanced technology that provides an added measure of control.

Using a vehicle’s speed, the Terrain Management System adjusts the torque to the rear wheels as needed to ensure optimal traction and acceleration. The system is also easy to operate. There are only a few steps to take to get the right setting.

The Ford Terrain Management System is also designed to provide enhanced control in rough weather. It limits upshifting and stability control to the rear axle, while sending the torque to the front wheels when necessary. To prevent swaying, the Terrain Management System limits the use of sway bars.

The Terrain Management System is part of the FX4 Off-Road Package. It includes off-road tuned shock absorbers, skid plates, and a heavy-duty radiator. Also included is an electronic-locking rear differential, which is an essential feature for driving on steep terrain.

Aside from the Terrain Management System, the FX4 Off-Road package features 17-inch aluminum wheels, off-road monotube shocks, and a heavy-duty radiator. It also has Trail Control, which offers ultimate confidence in challenging terrain.

Improved shocks

If you have a 2015 Ford F150 FX, you may need to upgrade your suspension. The right shocks can give your truck a new lease on life. They can also improve safety, ride quality and handling, as well as provide a smoother ride.

There are a number of good shock options to choose from. Some manufacturers, like Fox-Shox-U-S, have created a comprehensive line of performance shocks. Other shock makers include Bilstein, Detroit Axle, Sensen and Monroe. While all these manufacturers offer great shocks, there are some differences in design and features.

For example, a shock with a dual rate system is more capable of adjusting firmness and ride height independently of each other. This feature is a nice option if you plan to use your truck to tow trailers or haul campers.

It’s also worth considering a monotube shock. This design reduces the chance of cavitation and foaming, and ensures the working chamber remains filled with oil at all times.

Shocks with a nitrogen gas charge improve handling, safety and response. These shocks are built to last. Normally, they use a chromed piston rod to enhance protection.

In addition to providing superior off-road performance, these shocks are great for daily driving. Their high pressure gas charge increases the reaction time of the shock absorber and increases the grip of the truck.

Among the most impressive is the ten-stage variable valving system, which improves handling over bumps. It’s also a big step up from the factory’s rudimentary hydraulic shocks.

2015 Ford F150 FX Raptor

The Ford F150 FX Raptor is a performance-oriented off-road pickup truck. Its high-output EcoBoost engine, redesigned wide-track suspension, and aggressive bodywork are all designed for speed, comfort, and off-road capability. In addition to its unique EcoBoost tuning, the Raptor is equipped with Fox adaptive shock absorbers, a torque-on-demand transfer case, and an array of drive modes.

While the Raptor is built for off-road capabilities, it’s a great vehicle for on-road use. This truck is perfect for rock crawling, high-speed desert activities, and sand dunes. But it’s also very difficult to park in real world conditions.

Although the Ford F150 FX Raptor has been a favorite among off-road enthusiasts for decades, Ford has recently released a new version of the truck. The Raptor has more power, a more capable suspension, and improved handling, plus it’s now available in a four-door SuperCrew configuration.

For those who don’t need all the power and performance of the Raptor, the Ford F150 FX Raptor may be just what you’re looking for. With a starting MSRP of $52,000, it’s not too expensive for a performance-based off-road truck. And it’s a lot easier to live with than the Raptor.

Despite its big size, the Ford F150 FX Raptor can carry up to 1,400 pounds of cargo. It’s also one of the most capable off-road trucks in its class. However, it’s not as fuel-efficient as the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or Ram 1500.

2015 Ford F150 FX Tremor

The Ford F150 FX Tremor has a lot of cool features that make it stand out from other F-150 models. It is also a great off-road pickup. However, it is not as capable as the Raptor or even the FX4 package.

Ford has made some improvements to the F-150’s suspension. They have retuned the springs with new dampers, as well as added a spacer below the rear leaf spring packs. This gives the Tremor a slightly wider stance. In addition, the front suspension is now taller.

The front knuckles are also modified. This helps to make the upper control arms lift. You can also add a limited-slip front differential.

Another feature is Trail Control. This works like cruise control when you are off-road. To make it more useful, it locks the rear wheels to help you make a low-speed turn.

Another feature is a dual-mode torque-on-demand transfer case. It merges the four-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive capabilities of the F-150. The transfer case is a bit similar to the one found in the Raptor.

Overall, the Ford FX Tremor is an off-road package that is more comfortable and better designed than its competitors. However, the Tremor lacks the full-throttle capability of the Raptor. Fortunately, it does have enough off-road ability to get through rough terrain with ease.

For those that do not want to pay the extra money for the 2015 Ford F150 FX Raptor or the FX4 off-road package, the Ford F150 Tremor is a good alternative. Although it is a little less powerful, it has improved breakover angles and departure angles, as well as a wider stance.