1979 Ford F-150

1979 Ford F-150

1979 Ford F-150 is a great option for a classic truck. If you are looking for a reliable truck, you might want to consider purchasing a 1979 Ford F-150. This model is popular because it is reliable, economical, and can be bought from a wide variety of auto dealerships. Aside from that, it has a lot of options to choose from when it comes to features. You can get a lot of extras such as air conditioning, power windows, and seats. In addition to that, the Ford F-150 is equipped with a reliable and powerful engine. It is also relatively easy to repair and maintain.

1979 Ford F-150 model year

The 1977 Ford F150 is one of the most iconic pickups of all time. It’s rugged, comfortable and ready for immediate use. Besides being a classic car, it’s also a great vehicle for a hot rod conversion.

For 1977, the Ford F150 was available in Ranger, Custom, Sport, and XLT trim levels. It was also offered in a flareside two-door configuration. To further enhance its appearance, the truck received a new grille design. In addition, a molded plastic fender liner was added to protect the fenders from corrosion.

During the same year, Ford also introduced the Ford Courier compact pickup. This model had an updated grille, parking lamps, and woodgrain accents inside. Another model was offered with a longer seven-foot cargo bed.

The fuel tank was moved to the rear of the truck, allowing the driver to keep it closer to the body. Unfortunately, the tank would clog in some cases and cause a rough idling and reduced power.

The 351 CID V-8 engine was produced in Cleveland, Ohio. When new, it kicks out 160 horsepower. It’s not as powerful as the 400 CID V-8, but it’s still powerful. There are few good reviews about it, but it’s a reliable engine.

Other features of the 1977 F150 include galvanized sheet metal, a stiffer suspension, a NP205 transfer case, and a Dana 44 front differential. A 235/75R15 tire is standard.

The 1979 Ford F-150 has a GVWR of 6,500 pounds. Compared to the F100, the F150 is more practical. Despite its larger GVWR, it has a shorter overall length.

While the 1976 Ford F-150 received a minor exterior redesign, the 1977 model was the first to receive a full overhaul. Cowl insignias were repositioned and made smaller. They were also moved to the windshield.

In addition, Ford introduced a “married” transfer case during the 1977 model year. These transfer cases allow for lower ride height and are used in many vehicles today, including Jeep Gladiator and GM Action Line pickups.

For 1977, the Ford F150 also was available with a variety of option group packages. Some of these were Pinstriping Packages.

Engine and transmission combos

For the 1979 model year, Ford’s medium-duty pickups got a makeover. This was a more streamlined, lightweight platform that made use of galvanized sheet metal. A slender semi-floating axle rounded out the design.

There were two main powertrains to choose from. The 4.0 litre V8 paired with a four-speed manual transmission was the most popular. In addition, a Canadian built 4×4 F-250 with a 300CID Straight-6 was introduced.

Other options included a re-tooled 351M V8 that included a four-speed manual or a six-speed automatic, and the latest fad of four-wheel drive. An improved torque converter helped to reduce the pounding, and the aforementioned big block mated with a 4.1 litre V-8, boosted power and fuel economy.

Similarly, the 1979 Ford F-150 got an all-new grille, a new optional CB radio, and a restyled front end. While the F-150’s re-tooled grille was certainly an improvement over the outgoing model’s circular one, it also signaled the start of the end for Ford’s lowest GVWR F-500 series.

One of the more interesting features of the 1979 F-150 was the Free Wheeling package. It was a first for the brand. It was available on all four models. As a result, it became a favorite among classic truck enthusiasts.

The Ford F-150 was a solid competitor in the mid-1970s, but the oil crisis of the late 1970s and early 1980s eroded demand for gas-guzzling vehicles. The best news was that the company had a full suite of vehicles ready to ride into the ’80s. With an upgraded engine, transmission, and drivetrain, the truck was finally ready to take on the competition.

Even with all the new options, the 1979 Ford F-150 remained one of the most popular pick-ups in the nation. Its new ad campaign, which featured colorful and playful exterior treatments, drew a crowd. By the end of the model year, the truck had topped the charts in sales, making it the top-selling vehicle in the country. Although the 4.0 litre V8 was not the most powerful, it did offer a hefty payload.

1979 Ford F-150 Seats

If you’re looking for a new set of wheels, the Ford F150 may just be the vehicle for your next road trip. But before you shell out your cash, check out the many ways to improve your ride’s comfort and performance. These tips can make all the difference between a great commute and a groaning mess. In addition to new tires and an overhauled suspension, your next vehicle upgrade should include a set of seats for the new driver in the family.

A quality set of seats will set you back at least $200, if not more, but the long term reward is worth the upkeep. Thankfully, the company that carries the goods, Acme Auto Headlining Co., has been around since the turn of the century, making it a reliable place to source parts for your venerable truck. The good news is, the company’s seat replacements are made from the same auto-grade materials as the rest of the Ford line. This makes it an excellent choice for your classic truck, a tally for which is all but inevitable in this day and age of factory cloned vehicles.

Unlike the factory, Acme Auto has a dedicated staff of aficionados to help you navigate the many choices awaiting you. From there, it’s a simple matter of picking the one that’s right for you. The end result is a truck you’ll love to drive for years to come.

Condition of the truck

If you’re looking for a great truck, you can’t go wrong with a 1979 Ford F-150. This is a great option for those who don’t have the money to buy a new truck, or if you just want a classic truck with plenty of power.

This Ford F150 has a 7.5-liter 460ci V8 engine and a four-barrel carburetor. It also has a super-cooling radiator and heavy-duty rear shock absorbers. The cab of the truck is finished in Bright Yellow, while the rest of the interior is finished in sand. You’ll find a number of upgraded parts in the underside, including a new fuel tank.

In 1979, the base model plant truck had a metal fender bed, a wood strip floor, a cab and bed woodgrain accents, and a straight six engine. Besides the auto transmission, this model came with power brakes, a steering linkage, and four-wheel drive.

Last year, a 2003 super duty five-speed transmission was installed in this 79 F150. A new steering box was installed, along with a new rear differential. With a bit of tuning, the truck runs like a tank.

On the exterior, you’ll find the standard Ford 15-inch white painted wheels on the front and rear. There are chromed side view mirrors and a clear coat on the hood. The bed needs some work, and there are a few rust spots. But overall, this truck looks great.

Inside the truck, you’ll find a nice-looking dashboard and Red Vinyl upholstery. The rear seats need some work, but the front seat was recovered.

This 1979 Ford F150 Custom Pickup 4X4 is a fantastic truck. Although it isn’t as modern as its Chevy C10 counterparts, it does have the advantage of a great deal of customization and a high-output heater. Combined with the four-wheel drive system, you’ll have all the ability you need to get anywhere you need to go.

Whether you’re looking for a great pickup or you just need a vehicle to haul the kids to the lake, this 1979 Ford F-150  is the one you’ve been looking for.