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1977 Ford F-150 Ranger 4X4 V8 Restored! $25,900 $450/mo* 40,877 miles. 1977 Ford F-150 $24,998 $434/mo* 29,287 miles

FE-block 360 and 390 If you want more power from your Ford F150, you can swap out the FE-block 360 and 390 engines. These engines are derived from Ford’s performance vehicles and have undergone a number of upgrades. FE-block engines come in three basic sizes, including 360, 390, and 406 sizes. Each size is able to be stroked to produce respectable power.

The 1977 Ford F150 Price and 390 were designed to provide a little more power than the old three-liter engines. The 360 cubic-inch engine was primarily used in pickup trucks, but was also available in a medium-duty version. These engines were also produced in limited numbers. The Ford 390 was a smaller block with higher horsepower and torque.

1977 Ford F150 Price

The FE-block 390 and 360 Ford engines are not as popular as their predecessors, but the 390 is a popular choice for enthusiasts. The FE-block motor was used in many Ford vehicles during the 1970s, including the Ford F-150 and Mercury Cougar.

1977 Ford F150 Price

Although the engine was not as powerful as the 427/428, it remained a respectable power plant for muscle cars. Unfortunately, the Ford 390 was only available for a short time, and it arrived too late to match the longevity of the Windsor motors. In addition, the 1970s fuel crisis led to a shift towards small-block V8 engines.

1977 Ford F150 Price

The FE-block 360 and 390 have similar bore and stroke but differ in the length. They are also equipped with a two-barrel carburetor. The 360 has a 3.287″ stroke while the 390 has a 3.880″ stroke. In order to convert a 360 to a 390 engine, you must swap the crankshaft.

1977 Ford F150 Price

460 cubic inch V-8

The 460 cubic inch V-8 in the Ford F150 is a mid-sized truck engine with four cylinders and four valves per cylinder. The original design features an oval-shaped intake port and a high compression ratio, which contributes to high torque ratings. In the early years of production, the 460 was known to have problems with detonation, which is why Ford redesigned the engine head.


This V-8 is closely related to the 429 big block Ford used in the early to mid-’70s. It was designed to work with the emissions equipment of the time, and found a niche in the pickup truck market and in the aftermarket as a crate engine. It’s one of the Blue Oval’s best-kept secrets, and offers plenty of potential for project builders.

1977 Ford F150 Price

The 460 engine was first used in 1968 in the Lincoln Continental Mark III, and later in the Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Marquis. In 1973, it was used in the F-Series truck as the replacement for the Ford 400 V8. In the last three years of production, Ford added fuel injection to the 460. The power increased to 235 hp at 4100 rpm and 395 lb-ft (536 Nm) of torque at 2200 rpm.

1977 Ford F150 Price

Although the 460 is the most powerful engine in the 1977 Ford F150 Price, the 460 does have a problem: fuel efficiency. It gets less than ten miles per gallon, which is a significant waste of gasoline. In fact, the 460 gets around three-quarter to three-quarter tanks of gas.

1977 Ford F150 Price

1977 Ford F150 Price

#Pricing & Values 1977 Ford F150 Custom

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Base Price$4,561
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Base Price$37,000
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235/75R15 tires

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  $2,457 below avg.


48,861 miles
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Drive Train
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If you are looking for new tires for your 1977 Ford F150 Price, you have several options. You can opt for winter tires or all-season all-terrain tires. These types of tires have high traction and good grip on the road. Whether you plan to use your truck for commercial purposes or just to get some fun, you will find the right type of tire for your truck.

1977 Ford F150 Price

For high-speed driving, you need to increase the inflation pressure, reduce the load, or even upsize the tires. You can follow the guidelines provided by the European Tyre and Rim Technical Organization (ETRTO). For speeds over 160km/h, the load and inflation should be adjusted.

1977 Ford F150 Price

If you’re looking for a high-performance tire, you can opt for the Presa HT-Pro PJ77. This high-performance all-season tire is designed for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. It provides excellent all-weather traction, promotes comfort, and offers a stable ride, especially in wet conditions.

1977 Ford F150 Price

You can find a 1977 Ford F150 Price for less than $50,000 if it is in perfect condition, and a few thousand dollars if it’s in a good condition. It’s easy to customize and cheap to buy. You’ll be transported back to the 1970s every time you drive it. For some people, this is the perfect way to connect with the pioneering engineers of the time.

1977 Ford F150 Price

#Ford F150 Price – Factory trailer tow package

The trailer towing capability of the 1977 Ford F150 Price is unmatched by any other truck in its class. The truck comes standard with the Trailer Tow Package, and you can also get the Max Trailer Tow Package if you want to tow even bigger trailers. These packages include everything you need to tow a trailer, including an upgraded stabilizer bar and a pro trailer backup assist system. It also increases the maximum towing capacity of your truck from 12,100 to 13,200 pounds.

1977 Ford F150 Price

The Max Tow Package has several features, including an upgraded rear bumper and larger fuel tank. The base F-150 has a 23-gallon fuel tank, while the Max Tow Package’s tank holds 36 gallons. This increased fuel capacity helps you save fuel, which is important when you’re towing a trailer. Stopping for gas is a hassle when you have a trailer attached, so it’s worth investing in a Max Tow Package for your truck.

The Max Tow Package also adds an Integrated Trailer Brake Controller, which helps you adjust the brake force on your trailer. This makes stopping easier and safer. Plus, it works in conjunction with the Pro Trailer Backup Assist system to help you avoid any unintended surprises on the road.

When shopping for a trailer 1977 Ford F150 Price, it’s important to know how much you need to tow. The Ford F-150 has a range of towing engines. Your choice depends on the type of tow you need, and which engine will best suit your needs. For example, the base-level engine is designed for small fishing boats and trailers, while the more powerful engines are a great choice for towing a 38-foot camping trailer.

#1977 Ford F150 Price – Pinstripe package

The 1977 Ford F150 Price was a popular truck for many reasons. The three-quarter-ton V-8 engine was replaced by a four-cylinder model and the Ford fender was lengthened. This truck was also the first to use the new molded plastic fender liners, which helped to combat corrosion. The new mag-style hubcap also helped with aesthetic appeal. In addition, the short box Flareside added a youthful touch to the F-Series. These improvements were part of the Pinstripe Packages offered for various F-Series trucks during this year.

#1977 Ford F150 Price – Camper special

If you’re considering purchasing a camper for your 1977 Ford F150 Price, look no further. This classic pickup truck features a unique Camper Special style and a nice V8 engine. Added to this, it comes with an air-conditioned cab and extra-duty F-350 usability. Whether you want to use it for interstate driving or a road trip in the boondocks, this classic pickup is the perfect choice.

This Camper Special has a 74,187-mile odometer, which makes it one of only 3,058 produced for the model year. This truck has been driven an average of 1,700 miles annually since new, which makes it in excellent overall condition. The truck was originally painted in tan, and its white pin striping has not been painted over or replaced.

This 1977 Ford F-250 Camper Special is two-wheel-drive, with a long bed. It was previously owned by three generations of the same family. The seller acquired the truck in early 2019 and performed mechanical work, including a carburetor rebuild and new fuel, oil, and water pumps. He also replaced the ignition module, spark plugs, and filters. It also has new shocks and rear brakes. It also comes with a Deluxe Marti Report and a clean Arizona title in the seller’s name.

In 1977, the 1977 Ford F150 Price was the top-selling truck in the United States. The first generation was launched in December 1972 for the 1973 model year, and continued the same basic chassis as its predecessor. However, it underwent several design revisions that improved its handling and appearance. It also used galvanized sheet metal and zinc-coated steel. The truck’s interior was also updated. Its new headlights were more rectangular and the cabin was quieter.